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Kurdistan, a Site of Pure Humanity, Mixed with Beauty and Resistance


See You in Kurdistan Art Residency

The project aims to combat the lack of artistic resources and facilities in Mariwan


See You in Kurdistan Online Community

Share your stories of Kurdistan with us


See You in Kurdistan Hostel

Our hostel in Mariwan (Marivan) is an interactive space for cultural encounter providing low-budget accommodation, Free Wi-Fi and included breakfast


See You in Kurdistan Media

We aim to provide a more nuanced understanding of Kurdish population, culture and history


The See You in Kurdistan (SYK) project aims to provide a more nuanced understanding of the Kurdish population, culture, and history by drawing direct connections between the locals and visitors/non-locals. Within the centralized linkages of capitalism, where the dynamics of center and periphery do not allow human interconnections, the multi-layered aspects of the everyday life in Kurdistan is being concealed and rendered as secondary. Even in the tourism industry, most independent travelers in Iran – more than 90% – choose the ‘classic route’, which unsurprisingly passes from the center of Iran. This accumulation of tourists, knowledge, representation, capital, jobs, and infrastructure is paid at the cost of other people’s marginalization from cultural encounters, social benefits, and economic advantages. See You in Kurdistan, hopes to facilitate socio-economic connections in the region through sustainable tourism as an instrument, and to bring Kurdistan back to domestic and international dialogue.

Three years after launching and successfully running the See You in Iran (SYI) organization, the See You in Kurdistan (SYK) team conducted a one-year project of research and networking in Kurdistan. Holding the idea that Iran should not be reduced merely to Tehran and other central/touristic cities, the See You in Kurdistan Hostel and Art Residency in Marivan emerged as the socio-cultural embodiment of SYI’s development ideas and functions as SYI’s sister organization.

SYK Art Residency

The Art Residency provides a room and a studio for international artists who are eager for artistic exchange with local artists. The project aims to combat the lack of artistic resources and facilities in Marivan and hopes to create a space for social art production and education.

SYK Art Residency & More

SYK Hostel (Marivan)

The hostel, as the only English-friendly accommodation in Marivan (Mariwan), consists of a cozy café, private rooms, a large dormitory, a communal kitchen, public bathrooms, an art room, and a large garden in a more than a hundred years old building.

SYK Hostel & More
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If you want to experience the peak of hospitality, don't miss Kurdistan and this Hostel!
The Hostel is really small and cozy, which makes it easy to get to know everybody in there. I stayed for four nights but could have easily extended because of all the lovely people and the warm atmosphere, not only inside the Hostel but all over Kurdistan!
Mina, Navid and Mahsa are great!!
You will not regret going to Kurdistan and start creating a new path, instead of walking a path (in the golden triangle), that many people already created before:-) You will go back home with nothing less than a full heart and a lot of knowledge.
Do yourself a favor and see you in Kurdistan!

Ina GDo yourself a favor.

We were totally comfortable here. The cosy garden invites you to relax and the rooms are lovingly furnished. We especially liked the personal exchange, the conversations at the big table and the immersion in the Kurdish culture. This is much more than just a hostel.

Micha ELovingly and family-run

I had a great time in Marivan! Since I’m interested in foreign languages, I asked the hostel if they could arrange something that would give me a better understanding of the varieties of Kurdish and the linguistic complexity of this region of Iran. Mokhtar, the guide, was incredibly helpful and took us to a Howrami-speaking village, then to one of the Marivan-based NGOs that promote the use and teaching of Kurdish languages and finally to a small, remote village speaking exclusively Sorani. He also answered my many, many questions with great passion and patience! 🙂 On the way back, we sang and listened to songs in our respective languages (French and Kurdish). And what a pleasure it was to come back to the cosy hostel, which is really a home away from home, and to its friendly and casual managers, Mina and Hoda! Thank you so much!

Grégoire HansenFantastic experience in Iran

Navid and Mina decided to make Kurdistan more accessible for travelers, so they created a very welcoming and relaxed place to serve as a base in the region.
they are really keen on bringing more people here, it's a really beautiful area: you can cycle around the lake, visit the magnificent Howraman valley, see the smugglers crossing to the Iraqi border, or just go fishing with the locals.
i had a really great time here, in the hostel really felt like home. the couple were very friendly and helped me to organize everything i needed.
highly recommended.

Zooli WhizeStay here in Kurdistan

See you in Kurdistan hostel is the ideal base to explore the region and learn about its history and culture. You'll have chance to meet locals and go beyond the surface of things and discover this wonderful place and extraordinary people. Strongly recommended.

Eugenio_G694Your base to discover Kurdistan

I don’t know where to begin but this is a glowing review for many reasons. After staying at SYI hostel in Tehran, it was an easy decision to head to Marivan and stay at Mina and Navid’s new hostel in the heart of Kurdistan. I had previously visited Marivan, yet only briefly so I was keen to revisit the region and I was so happy to see what they have done with this beautiful house. It’s a unique place given there are very few similar types of accomodation in Kurdistan and it’s as welcoming as you can imagine!
The hostel is beautiful furnished and very comfortable for multiple budgets. The included breakfast is delicious and the kitchen is equipped for you to make your own meals and enjoy them in the homely courtyard.
I stayed in the bedroll room which was comfortable.
If you have the time, at least 3-4 days free and you’re arranging your itinerary, make sure you include Kurdistan. It’s accessible from Tabriz in the north or Tehran via Sanandaj and you won’t regret it.
Thanks Mina and Navid ❤️🙏🏼

Sarah PBeautiful house, city, people! Visit Kurdistan!

It was my first trip to Kurdistan, but the beautiful hostel and its lovely hosts turned it into an unforgettable journey. The building held me spellbound. More than hundred years of time has failed to take away its charms. Yet tasteful restoration by Mina and Navid, including a blue fountain with goldfish keeping their friendly cat Panda amused, has brought more delight. The rooms are cozy and clean. There is place in the courtyard for nice gatherings in the evening to have a chat with people who share similar interests. The prices are reasonable and the staff are kind and helpful. Best made plans may go astray, but even if just like me you travel to a Kurdish border city without having much planning in advance, you’ll be fine. Your hosts know the region well enough to give you tips that can make your trip worthwhile. See you in Kurdistan! It has astonishing nature, beautiful, hospitable people, vibrant night-life, great food and interesting culture.

Saeed JUnforgettable journey

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