Nicolas & Chloe’s first encounter with Marivan

By August 17, 2019 June 16th, 2020 Media

“It all started with a phone call. We heard a couple was opening a hostel in the heart of Kurdistan, Marivan. Determined to explore a bit further a region too often forgotten by tourists, we took a collective taxi, and a few hours later, arrived at what immediately looked like a quiet but a lively city, surrounded by a huge lake.

A voice on the phone, Navid, told us that we will be their first guests. The hostel, See You in Kurdistan will open in a few days, and we will have the chance to inaugurate their private room. After a short taxi drive through the amazingly living streets of Marivan, under the shade of the trees, and together with a cab driver so happy to help us, we found a place that does not officially exist yet. We meet Mina, who welcomes us.
We are immediately amazed by the hostel, no doubt on it, it is more than ready, and it looks great. A beautiful yard, a tree in the middle, everything decorated with so much taste, comfortable, we instantly feel at home in this friendly atmosphere. We don’t know it yet but everything will be like that in Marivan.
A walk into the Bazar transforms into a journey of encounters, discussions with the locals, invitations, and smiles. So much to do, from the lake to the small streets. But the main wonder of Marivan is its inhabitants, no wonder why Mina and Navid fell in love with the place. You could not imagine how nice Kurdistan is. If Iran is the mainland, Kurdistan is the treasure island you will thank yourself for visiting for the rest of your travels.
The guide Mina introduced to us was incredibly talented and nice, we will never forget our journey to the Hawraman valley [honestly the most breathtaking villages and interesting cultures we have seen so far in the trip], the landscapes and the meal with a family. The tradition of hosting is not a myth, and Kurdistan is the place it expresses itself most impressively. Simple, sincere, and heartwarming.
We would never have expected our journey to be so intense. Kurdistan is the next place everyone should plan to go if they want to meet one of the most interesting cultures and communities of middle-east. Go see by yourself!”

Nicolas & Chloe